A Few of My Favorite Things: Mom & Pop Art Shop

All photos by Kathy Chouteau.

By Kathy Chouteau

All the signs are there—school’s started, the maple trees are revealing a hint of red in their leaves and Starbucks has rolled out its Pumpkin Spice Latte: Fall is in the air. To me, this means I need to pace myself for the holidays with some visits to my favorite local gift-buying spot—the Mom & Pop Art Shop in Point Richmond. 

What do I love about my Mom & Pop Art Shop visits? Everything, because there’s always something artfully unexpected to discover, ranging from jewelry, T-shirts, handcrafted soaps and unique home goods to antiques, art supplies, stickers and cool cards created by local artists—one of whom, like Aimee Alexander—you just might meet behind-the-counter.

After spying it at the shop, I now not only own a stack of Aimee’s hand-made Rosie the Riveter notecards, I also own a small print to go with it—and it didn’t break the bank.

Shop owners, artists and married couple Kelly Nicolaisen and Jacinto Castillo collectively have a sharp eye when it comes to picking out ephemera and other curiosities for their shop. There’s something for everyone and there’s always something new. No space is wasted, including spots for an otherworldly octopus, alligator and a dragon decorating the walls. Simply put, it’s my go-to local shop for finding a great gift.

Added bonus? As the only female in my fam, I never have to talk my guys into stopping by the shop with me. They love it too…In fact, my son often suggests it on our visits to the Point.

When we visit the shop, we always take time to check out its small, adjacent gallery, which never fails to feature artists with engaging and inspired visions. The shop’s array of eclectic offerings also includes small run fine art printing and graphic design.

Pro tip: When going to the Mom & Pop Art Shop, be sure to stop outside to snap a butterfly selfie pic. You’ll find the vibrant butterfly mural waiting for you on the wall to the left of the shop’s front door.

Also consider turning your visit into an afternoon outing by stopping by the shop, eating lunch at one of Point Richmond’s many downtown eateries—such as nearby Masa or Raymond’s Pizzeria—and then going for a walk along one of Point Richmond’s beautiful beaches.

The Mom & Pop Art Shop is located at 24 W. Richmond Ave. in Point Richmond. Contact the shop at (510) 730-1154 or [email protected]. Also find them on Facebook and Instagram.