Richmond couple’s heartwarming story of senior dog earns Petco rescue grant

Richmond couple's heartwarming story of senior dog earns Petco rescue grant
Photos courtesy of Petco.

A Richmond couple’s heartwarming story about their adopted senior dog Maya won Petco’s annual ‘Love Stories” contest, leading to a $10,000 grant for a San Francisco organization that matches senior dogs with senior citizens.

Pat and Mike Carver adopted Maya at a time when Mike was enduring early onset Alzheimer’s. The 8-year-old Beagle/Jack Russell mix was picked up as a stray in Hayward and brought the couple “lots of joy and unconditional love,” said Pat Carver.

“As we’ve adapted and learned to live with the disease, we wondered if there was room in our lives for a dog,” Pat said. “In this journey of loss, would a dog bring us gains as well as a renewed sense of independence for Mike? Oh, my has she brought us gains!”

Maya inspires Mike, who is no longer able to drive, to go on walks. Mike “enjoys walking the neighborhood with her,” getting exercise and fresh air, Pat said.

“It’s a win-win for both of them,” she said.

TV-time is when Maya enjoys snuggling on the couch with her owners.

“Maya was rescued from the street with no history, no back story,” Pat said. “While we will never know her past, we do know that her present and future are full of love, walks, snuggles and treats. Over time, Alzheimer’s Disease will take away Mike’s memories, his back story. But, even without a past, he can enjoy the present with love and snuggles from our special senior girl, Maya.”

Pat read about the Petco Love contest in an email from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco. She thought it would be fun to share their experience with Maya, who they met thanks to Muttville. She didn’t expect to win the competition.

The victory means Petco will provide a $10,000 grant through Petco Love and Bob’s Skechers to Muttville. In total, the contest provided 25 grants to similar organizations ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.

Pat said she’s thrilled Muttville received the unexpected grant.

“I love that Muttville is cage-free, focuses on senior dogs, offers a Seniors For Seniors adoption program, and takes care of their mutt’s health and dental needs before adoption – giving them their best possible future,” she said. “I hope our story will be an inspiration to others wondering whether they should welcome a rescue into their families and perhaps it will inspire some to support Muttville with their time and/or resources.”

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