Richmond tennis player wins thriller at SF City Championships

NTRP Gold Cup

The 2023 San Francisco City Championships NTRP Gold Cup series tournament witnessed an exhilarating display of skill and determination during the Labor Day weekend.

Among the standout competitors, Fernando Ramos of Richmond, showcased his commitment to tennis, ultimately emerging as the champion in the highly competitive 3.0 Men’s Singles category.

Having dedicated to competing competitively since Summer 2021 and honing his tennis abilities under RTA President Garry Hurlbut, Ramos’ journey to triumph was fueled by hard work and a passion for the sport, according to the RTA.

The prestigious tournament featured the top 32 players, all vying for the coveted title in a single elimination format.

Ramos confidently progressed through the rounds, employing his formidable counterpunching style. In the quarterfinals, he clashed with an equally determined opponent, Moon, who shared the same championship aspirations. The center court became a battleground of skill, witnessed by an enthralled crowd.

Long rallies and well-executed shots were exchanged as Moon prevailed in the first set 6-4. Ramos adjusted, rallying to win the second set 6-3 and maintaining momentum to win the super tiebreak, and the match, 10-7.

In the grand finale, Ramos faced off against formidable opponent Contini. The crowd, predominantly Richmond fans, cheered on Ramos, who battled back Contini’s aggressive left-handed baseliner and lethal lob game. Ramos executed great court coverage and determination. The final was an intense battle, with both players pushing their limits. But Ramos’ expert shot placement ensured a hard-earned 7-5, 7-5 win.

Ramos expressed gratitude for his support and highlighted his intention to leverage the victory to inspire more involvement in tennis within the Richmond community.

A physical education teacher in Richmond, Ramos’ triumph serves as a reminder that passion, combined with relentless pursuit, can pave the path to success, according to RTC.

If you would like to actually interview Fernando, his cell is 510-396-9087 and his email is [email protected].

This report is courtesy of the Richmond Tennis Association.