A Few of My Favorite Things: The Ford Point Bloody Mary

A Few of My Favorite Things: Peace Garden
Kathy Chouteau

By Kathy Chouteau 

I’m an admitted study in contradictions when it comes to tomatoes. I love my late grandmother, Dolly’s, homemade Italian tomato sauce, but raw tomatoes in a salad? No thanks.

But when it comes to the Riveter Bar’s Ford Point Bloody Mary at Assemble Marketplace, sign me up because I’m a massive fan.

The Ford Point Bloody Mary is made with Grey Goose Vodka, organic tomato juice, lemon, horseradish, home-made hot sauce, smoked chipotle, spices and Worcestershire.

Let’s just say that—even with all that organic tomato juice—it has the perfect dash of spice, without being too overpowering, and combined with the other ingredients, is incredibly flavorful.

All photos by Kathy Chouteau

Oh, and the accoutrements…The Bloody Mary arrives with an eye-popping arrangement of garnishes adorning its crown, with celery, lemon/slice, lime/slice, an olive, string bean and pearl onion all finding their rightful place as jewels. I especially love the celery, which offers a nice cool-down that counters the drink’s nip of spice.

It will run you $12 while visiting Assemble Marketplace, along the beautiful Richmond waterfront.

And can we talk about the location of said Bloody Mary? Assemble Marketplace is the pandemic reinvention of Assemble, housing not only the Riveter Bar and Assemble Café, but also Brezo—formerly of Point Richmond and which has always had excellent food.

You’ll also find the Rocky Island Oyster Co. and Tommy’s Barbeque Co. there, as well as spectacular views of the bay and quick access to the Bay Trail. I especially recommend Brezo’s brunch, where you can order the Bloody Mary directly (or go to the Riveter Bar), and enjoy it inside or outside in the currently tented area.

Assemble Marketplace is located at 1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond, on the east end of the Craneway Pavilion.

Visit the website for the menus and hours or contact them at (510) 215-6025 or [email protected].