‘Destination Weddings’ to park at Martinez museum on Valentine’s Day

'Destination Weddings' to park at Martinez museum on Valentine's Day
Photos of Cobra Experience Museum courtesy of the Contra Costa County Clerk Recorder.

The Contra Costa County Clerk Recorder is bringing its popular Destination Weddings feature to a new location this coming Valentine’s Day: the Cobra Experience Museum in Martinez.

Appointments are going quickly and only a few remain, the Clerk reported on Facebook today. To schedule, call (925) 335-7900.

The Cobra Experience Museum promotes, conserves, educates and preserves cars produced by Shelby American. The nonprofit museum also invites groups to hold events, parties or weddings. For more information, visit the museum’s website here.

The Contra Costa County Clerk Recorder holds “destination weddings” at various interesting locations. Last fall, couples were married at the summit of Mount Diablo. In May, 14 couples were married at John Muir House in Martinez. The Clerk Recorder also holds costumed “scaremonies” for interested couples on Halloween.