Point Richmond homes evacuated due to possible landslide

15 homes evacuated in Richmond due to moving hillside
All photos by Tom Leader, via Mayor Tom Butt's e-forum newsletter.

Concerns over a possible landslide prompted voluntary evacuations of 15 homes within the Seacliff development in Richmond, according to Richmond Mayor Tom Butt.

In his e-forum newsletter, the mayor reported receiving an email Tuesday afternoon from Tom Leader, an architect and former Richmond Design Review Board member, alerting him to the problem.

The mayor contacted City Manager Shasa Curl and said she “sprang into action to have the threat evaluated and those at risk protected,” particularly with the forecast of a significant storm event.

First responders quickly arrived at the scene and Cal Engineering & Geology Inc. was called to assess the situation. The consultant recommended evacuating 15 homes below the  hillside that is drawing concern.

“The Richmond Emergency Operations Center was activated to support the incident,” Mayor Butt said. “Arrangements were made to house residents who had no other options in an Emeryville hotel.”

On Wednesday morning, local contractor W.R. Forde was set to implement mitigation measures, “including spreading plastic over the site to limit additional water intrusion into the fissures,” Mayor Butt said.

Several streets in the area were closed until further notice and a geologist was on site conducting further evaluations, the mayor added.

In the wake of the incident, Richmond Councilmember Cesar Zepeda shared a communication on social media with additional details from the City Manager.

“Until the road closures are lifted, Seaview Drive and Seacliff Way will remain closed until further notice and Brickyard Cove and its adjoining neighborhoods will only be accessible via Dornan Drive and the Point Richmond Tunnel,” Curl said.
Zepeda thanked first responders for their ongoing efforts to maintain public safety in the area.
Figure 5 – Preliminary diagram of potential slide area