Police K9 unit called to De Anza High about student’s discarded gun

Police K9 unit called to De Anza High about student's discarded gun
Photos courtesy of the Richmond K-9 Association.

A Richmond police K-9 unit was called to De Anza High today to help locate a gun that was discarded by a student near the school, police said.

Staff reported that a student with a gun ran on foot when confronted by staff, according to the Richmond K-9 Association. The student was later located, but the RPD K-9 unit was called to the campus to locate the firearm which was “dicarded near the school in a public place accessible by students and the public,” police said.

A K-9 officer and his four-legged partner responded to the area. K-9 Odin “alerted to a large bush,” where police recovered the handgun.

The incident happened just over a month after a shooting occurred at the high school after a fight broke out shortly after school let out. No one was shot in the March 11 incident, but a student was injured, police said. Earlier the same week, El Cerrito High went on lockdown over a student involved in a fight who was reported to be in possession of a gun. No shots were fired in that incident. In their wake, West Contra Costa Unified School Superintendent Chris Hurst released a statement on steps the district had implemented or planned to pursue with the aim of preventing such incidents.