New fire station planned for San Pablo

The new fire station is set to be built at 1800 23rd St. in San Pablo. (photo by Mike Kinney)

A new fire station is set to be built at 1800 23rd St. in San Pablo.

In the works since 2015, a construction contract for the roughly $10 million project may be awarded at the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday

The new two-story Fire Station 70 will replace the existing facility at 13928 San Pablo Ave., which is comprised of modular buildings installed in 1992. The modular buildings were installed after the permanent station was abandoned due to damage sustained from the Loma Prieta earthquake.

The current station, designed for a crew of three personnel, now houses five.

Discussions between the district and city of San Pablo identified 1800 23rd St., a city-owned site, for the new fire station, which will be a two-story structure with three apparatus bays, a kitchen, dorm rooms, offices, restrooms, and rooms for training, exercise, decontamination, storage, day and dining rooms, elevator, emergency generator and fuel tank.

A photovoltaic roof system will help the fire station meet LEED Silver equivalency per the county’s standard for public buildings.

“The new station will house two full three-person crews for potential expansion of services in the future and will comply with seismic standards as well as being able to meet ADA requirements,” according to district documents. “The station will provide fire protection for the community over the next 50 years and allow for the facility to provide personnel with the components, systems, and features found in modern fire stations.”  

Construction is estimated to begin in April 2019 and will take approximately 17 months to complete. The City will fund $4,5 million of the station construction, while the district will fund the rest from its unrestricted general fund reserves.