Coroner’s Jury finds Martinez Jail inmate died of natural causes

Coroner's Jury finds Martinez Jail inmate died of natural causes

An inmate who died while in custody at the Martinez Detention Facility on Feb. 7, 2018 passed away from natural causes, according to the finding of a Coroner’s Jury.

David Lamarc Hubbard, 46, of San Pablo, was found unresponsive while deputies were serving lunch, and attempts by medical staff to revive him were unsuccessful.

Following his death, a Coroner’s Inquest was convened, per protocol in fatal incidents involving police officers. During such public hearings, a jury rules on the manner of a person’s death, and can choose from four options: accident, suicide, natural causes or at the hands of another person other than by accident.

“The Coroner’s Jury reached the verdict after hearing the testimony of witnesses called by the hearing officer, Matthew Guichard,” the sheriff’s office said.

Hubbard was in jail after being arrested by Richmond police on charges that include stalking, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence and possession of child pornography, deputies said.