BART to release new schedule and shorten lengths of some trains

The next generation of Clipper also opens the door for new discount programs, promotions, and potentially fare capping for BART riders. 
Photo courtesy of BART.

Starting Sept. 11, BART will mostly only run its new trains, and the least crowded lines will be shortened to enable better monitoring by police and cleaning staff, according to the transit agency. Although, you “may spot a legacy train on occasion for events and contingencies,” the transit agency said.

Sept. 11 also happens to be BART’s 51st anniversary. That same day, the transit agency will release a new schedule that in part targets no more than 20 minute waits for any train at any time of service.  

The agency said it is also doubling its police and safety presence on trains and doubling train deep cleans.

With the newer trains, BART says riders can expect fewer delays because the new cars will have double the reliability rate of old cars. Also, “we will have more standby trains available,” the transit agency said.