San Pablo EDC offers low-cost tattoo removal

Tattoo removal in San Pablo: Leaving behind the past
Low-cost tattoo removal is offered regularly by the San Pablo EDC.

If tattoos are a part of that past you’d like to shed, there’s a local, low-cost clinic that may help you.

San Pablo EDC runs a flat-fee tattoo removal clinic every second Saturday of the month from 7:45 to 11:45 a.m.

The Removing Barriers Tattoo Clinic currently operates at 13830 San Pablo Ave, Suite D, San Pablo. This spring, however, it will move to 1000 Gateway Ave.

“People choose to transform their lives for all sorts of reasons. We don’t judge the tattoo or the why; we simply help people fade or remove their tattoos,” said Nora Ruiz, who manages the clinic.

Leslay Choy, executive director of San Pablo EDC, said some tattoos prevent people from getting jobs, promotions or renting.

“Many are a drag on a person’s self-confidence – a vestige of a painful past,” Choy said. “Ensuring there is low-cost tattoo removal means we can lower barriers to opportunity for our community members.”

Appointments are recommended; however, walk-ins are welcome. Call 510-215-3189 for more information. Also, you can follow Removing Barriers Transformative Tattoo Removal on Facebook at @removingbarrierstr. More information at here.

Story and image by San Pablo EDC.