Richmond native Chioke Jelani Clanton a lead actor in ‘Disrupted’

Ahku on left acting as ‘Prez,’ and Chioke Jelani Clanton on right as the character ‘Jay,’ in the movie Disrupted. The image is a screen shot by the film’s director and cinematographer Andre Welsh. (Photo courtesy of Realization Films)

Richmond native Chioke Jelani Clanton is a lead actor in a new suspense thriller film, Disrupted, scheduled to celebrate its world premiere at the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival in San Jose in March, according to the film’s producer, Realization Films.

Watch the film’s trailer here (warning: some scenes depict violence and include strong language).

Clanton reportedly grew up in South Richmond and has worked on a number of television, film and music projects, including the critically-acclaimed Indie web series Red Sleep (2014).

Disrupted centers on Pete from Oakland, played by Ron Kaell, who is struggling to survive in “a gentrified, tech-driven world.” But he has managed to remain clean and sober and to rectify a relationship with his daughter despite being haunted by memories of his wife’s unsolved murder decades ago. Then, a local killing happens that is strikingly familiar and a retired detective pulls a reluctant Pete back into his wife’s unsolved case, rekindling his thirst for justice, a pursuit that cost him everything once before. 

The film, which will appear in cinemas and online digital streaming services (Netflix/Hulu/Amazon), is a “singular journey about the weight of one’s past and the impossible challenge to do right by it in the present, bound into a tight-knit psychological suspense crime thriller that festers in the collateral damage of gentrification and race-related tensions rooted in modern day Oakland,” according to Realization Films.

For information about upcoming screening times and locations, go here.