Gyuto Foundation director, volunteers bring vision care to rural India

Gyuto Foundation director brings vision care to rural India
Photo courtesy of the Gyuto Foundation.

By Mike Kinney

The Venerable Thupten Donyo, founder of the East Richmond Heights-based Gyuto Foundation, has returned from a charitable journey in Nepal and North India.

Donyo is also founder and director of Delek Children’s Foundation, which aims to provide Himalayan children in need with education and healthcare. Last summer, Donyo launched a fundraiser to bring a vision care camp to rural areas of India, and also to bring community members to a Pilgrimage to India.

That trip happened last month, when Donyo led a large group of volunteers in bringing an Eye Vision Camp to Tsum Valley, Nepal.

The Venerable Thupten Donyo (Photo by Mike Kinney)

People in this remote area high in the Himalayan Mountains face unique challenges in accessing basic vision care. Members on Donyo’s medical team and volunteers brought glasses and shoes for area children and elders. They also provided eye and vision examinations and cataract surgeries.

Dr. Bidya Pant Prasad and his team offered their valuable time and expertise for the vision care program in Tsum Valley.

Donyo expressed gratitude to everyone who helped make the trip a success.

 “I may not be back as a human being in my next life, so I want to be meaningful in this life,” he said.