Pacific East Mall an unexpected oasis


By Kathy Chouteau

Pacific East Mall on Pierce Street in Richmond is an oasis of undiscovered pearls. While the 99 Ranch Market clearly anchors the complex in terms of visitors, stepping inside reveals a plethora of businesses to discover, ranging from restaurants, to specialty shops, to a smoothie destination and more. 

99 Ranch is a market stocked with a variety of affordable, authentic Asian offerings, including fresh produce—including durian, everyone’s favorite stinky but nutritious fruit—shiitake mushrooms, saki, seafood tanks, a duck/poultry station, a hot deli and other options. The store was bustling on the Standard’s recent mid-morning visit. 

A quick circle around the small mall revealed numerous restaurants rooted in China, Japan, Vietnam and beyond. The Standard spotted eateries like the Asian Pearl Kitchen, Special Noodle, Sheng Kee Bakery, Sichuan Fusion, Saigon II (Vietnamese, featuring pho), Kaoru Sushi, Mi (Southeast Asian) and Hot Pot Nation, to name a few.

Happy Lemon and Le Dessert Lab compliment the restaurant offerings with smoothies and other treats for dessert. Meanwhile, Kingstone Books, Cathay Bank and Water Lily Skin Care give a hint at some of the accompanying array of offerings all under one roof. And there’s ample parking, with yet another top Chinese restaurant, Daimo, situated in a building within the lot.

With Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) heritage month being celebrated in May, it’s the perfect time to visit. The Pacific East Mall is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can be found at 3288 Pierce St. in Richmond. Questions? Call the mall’s management office at (510) 527-3000.