Richmond police arrest homicide suspect

SWAT team assists in arrest of suspected shooter in San Pablo
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The suspect in a homicide in the 300 block of South 36th Street on Wednesday was located and arrested the following day with help from an outside law enforcement agency, according to the Richmond Police Department.

RPD detectives identified the suspect after “working throughout the day and night,” police said. The suspect’s identity wasn’t immediately released.

At 5:51 a.m. Wednesday, Richmond police dispatch received a call about a disturbance in the area, with the caller reporting that a person had been injured and needed medical help.

First responders arrived and found the victim, who died at the scene from wounds suffered in the incident.

While police have yet to state the cause of the victim’s death, detectives determined the incident was a homicide.

The RPD states this appeared to have been “an isolated incident.” 

The victim’s identity has not yet been released.

“Although we are relieved this suspect is in custody, we also offer our condolences to the victim and his family in this case,” the RPD stated, adding that it will “continue to work diligently on this case to ensure this suspect is held accountable.”