Parking enforcement operation removes 70 abandoned cars from streets

RPD parking enforcement operation removes 70 abandoned cars from streets
Photo courtesy of the City of Richmond.

Seventy abandoned cars were removed from city streets in southern areas of Richmond during a recent parking enforcement operation. 

A team of eight officers accompanied the RPD Parking Enforcement Team to the RPD’s Southern District to address community complaints of abandoned cars causing blight.

“They spent the morning identifying cars creating blight issues for the neighborhood and vehicles with registration expired more than six months,” police said. “Their efforts resulted in 70 cars being removed from the streets, as well as 15 additional vehicles being tagged for removal after 72 hrs. Additionally, 25 parking citations were issued for various violations.”

RPD stated the operation is a reminder that vehicles on a public roadway with registration epired by more than six months, or parked longer than 72 hours, can be impounded.

RPD says residents can report vehicles abandoned in their neighborhood to the abandoned vehicle hotline at 510-620-6644 or on the City of Richmond app on your smart device under the “Report an Issue” tab.