Kaiser Richmond welcomes new surgical robot

Photos courtesy of Kaiser Richmond.

The Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center recently announced its first surgery using its new da Vinci Xi surgical robot, which enables surgeons to operate using extremely precise movements through a few small incisions, leading to faster and easier recoveries for patients, according to Kaiser. 

“The device will enable us to conduct complex minimally invasive surgeries right here in Richmond,” said Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center Physician in Chief John Morehouse, MD.

The surgical robot comes with enhanced 3D-HD visualization, precise intuitive motion and a surgeon-friendly ergonomic design. The da Vinci Surgical System provides surgeons with the ability to maneuver extremely precise movements of the tiny instruments used in complex surgeries.

“It will benefit our complex surgical patients with minimally invasive surgical techniques that will lead to faster recovery, shorter hospitalization, and faster return to usual activities,” Dr. Morehouse said. “Having this state-of-the-art surgical technology in Richmond brings high quality, evidence-based care closer to where our patients live and work.”

Joseph Chen, MD, a complex benign gynecologic surgeon at Kaiser Richmond, said the new robot has revolutionized his team’s approach to surgery.

“The new robot increases precision while decreasing physical strain on our surgeons,” Dr, Chen said. “It has allowed surgical gynecologists to perform advanced, minimally invasive procedures such as the complex removal of fibroids while preserving the uterus (myomectomies). Through this advanced tool, we can address difficult pathology to improve our patients’ quality of life.”