No fire despite Nixle advisory, says RPD

No fire despite Nixle advisory, says RPD
Photo of the business in questions taken by Richmond activist Antwon Cloird.

By Mike Kinney

The Richmond Police Department issued an Nixle advisory on Saturday afternoon around 3:35 p.m. advising about a fire in the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. The advisory encouraged residents nearby to stay indoors and avoid smoke.

However, there was no fire or smoke, according to Richmond police spokesperson Lt. Donald Patchin. Instead there was a miscommunication, he said.

The property in question was a building that housed a welding business. The structure was deemed to have hazardous materials inside.

“There was a chemical reaction that occurred during a clean-up operation that they feared was going to cause a fire, but it did not,” Lt. Patchin said. “Fire personnel responded and deemed the situation safe. A search warrant was executed at the property by an outside agency earlier in the week.”