CJ’s BBQ & Fish known for hot plates and warm welcomes

CJ's BBQ & Fish known for hot plates and warm welcomes
CJ of CJ's BBQ & Fish. (All photos by Kathy Chouteau)

When was the last time you picked up a hot plate at CJ’s BBQ & Fish in Richmond?

Reporter Kathy Chouteau stopped by the eatery at 2401 Macdonald Ave. last week and received a warm welcome from staff, including CJ himself, as all patrons do.

“It’s like going home for a meal — like your dad is preparing his famous home-cooked barbecue,” Chouteau said.

The barbecue certainly shines. Chouteau and her husband, Zach, shared a plate filled with pork ribs and chicken, along with their chosen sides of macaroni salad and beans. They raved about their meal.

To top it off, Kathy Chouteau visited CJ’s on a warm and sunny winter’s day, when the restaurant and Macdonald Avenue in general were a hub of activity.

Chouteau notes how folks picking up a plate from CJ’s can walk over to Civic Center Plaza to enjoy their meal.