Richmond firefighters answered 42 calls per day in 2022

Richmond home badly damaged in fire
Photo credit: Mike Kinney

The Richmond Fire Department answered 15,322 calls for service in 2022, averaging 42 per day across the city, according to Richmond Firefighters Local 188, the union representing firefighters.

The figure was only a slight decrease from the 15,487 calls in 2021, according to the union, which added that RFD was operating in 2022 at a near-record low level of staffing and with mandatory overtime to ensure stations could keep operating.

Richmond Fire Department Station 61 at 140 W. Richmond Ave. fielded 1,371 calls; Station 62 at 1065 7th St. handled 2,121 calls; Station 63 at 5201 Valley View Rd., took 788 calls; Station 64 at 4801 Bayview Ave., handled 3,157 calls; Station 66 at 4100 Clinton Ave. responded to 2,567 calls; Station 67 at 1131 Cutting Blvd. took 2,897 calls; and Station 68 at 2904 Hilltop Dr. handled 2,720 calls.

“As we enter 2023, rest assured that your Richmond firefighters will be there for you in your time of need,” the union said.