Happy 101st birthday to Betty Reid Soskin

Happy 101st birthday to Betty Reid Soskin
NPS Photo: Luther Bailey

The nationally beloved Betty Reid Soskin turned 101 years old today, and the “happy birthdays” have been widespread.

As noted in a happy birthday note from the National Park Service, Soskin retired at age 100 from her former position as the nation’s oldest NPS ranger, but she volunteers still in a virtual chat program on most Thursdays.

Those interested in tuning in should check the website calendar for schedule changes or cancellations: www.nps.gov/rori.

For those wishing to offer Soskin a birthday gift, her daughter says that Soskin is requesting donations for the feature documentary, Sign My Name to Freedom. The documentary centers on Soskin’s “lost music and her family’s experiences confronting racial segregation in California’s Bay Area.” 

To learn more about the documentary and its fundraising campaign, watch the film below.

To contribute, go here.