BART restores red line service between Richmond and Millbrae

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Photo credit: BART

BART has restored Red line service between Richmond and Millbrae today, following a break in power cables earlier this month.

Both the Red (Richmond-Millbrae) and Orange (Richmond-Berryessa) line trains will run with five cars rather than the usual 10 cars.

On March 6, BART lost power along portions of the Richmond line due to a break in the original 34.5 kV power cables between El Cerrito Plaza and Ashby stations. The damaged power cables had been scheduled to begin replacement the same week the damage occurred, according to the transit agency.

The break in the cable limited BART’s ability to run full service on both the Red and Orange lines with 10-car trains. Crews successfully tested the option of running shorter trains using available power levels.

“Restoring the Red line will help alleviate crowding by offering more frequency and by eliminating the need to transfer to the Yellow line for transbay service, despite running shorter trains,” the transit agency said. “BART will continue to run five-car trains while crews repair and ultimately replace power cables.”