Richmond police disperse sideshow with over 100 vehicles

SWAT team assists in arrest of suspected shooter in San Pablo
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Richmond police reportedly dispersed a sideshow featuring over 100 vehicles and hundreds more onlookers on Sunday.

The sideshow took place in the Hilltop area of Blume Drive and Klose Way, police said.

“Though limited in resources, officers were eventually able to disperse the crowd, and investigative follow-up will be conducted based on the information gathered from the incident,” police said.

The RPD defines a sideshow as involving two or more persons blocking or impeding traffic for the purpose of performing motor vehicle stunts for spectators. Residents have expressed deep concern over the rampant occurrence of sideshows and other reckless driving in the community. Police say low staffing contributes to the challenge of stopping and preventing the activity. To read more on this issue, click here.