Richmond Art Center welcomes Roberto Martinez as new curator

Richmond Art Center welcomes Roberto Martinez as new curator
Photo of Roberto Martinez courtesy of the Richmond Art Center.

By Molly Myman

The Richmond Art Center recently announced the arrival of its new curator, Roberto Martinez.

Martinez is described by the Art Center as an experienced curator and cultural organizer with an impressive career history of cultivating community-centered exhibitions and programs. With a master’s degree in Museum Studies from JFK University, Martinez has worked with the Museum of Social Justice, the East Side Arts Alliance, LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes and other community-centered institutions.

Martinez’s work “weaves together the colorful strands of imagined possibilities that stem from the Arts with the powerful threads of stories, shared experiences and ancestral memory,” according to the Art Center. He believes “Art is critical and necessary to imagine a better world, a world that is more just, more kind, and more empathetic.”

Hoping to make art “accessible to all,” Martinez has pledged to “co-create exhibitions that are relevant and uplift the voices and experiences of the Richmond community” by “[organizing] from the bottom-up and [nurturing] collaboration with local communities.”