San Pablo Library WiFi hotspot lending expansion launches next week

1.9M digital books borrowed from Contra Costa County Library in 2023
San Pablo Library is located at, 13751 San Pablo Ave. (Photo credit: Pineapple Creative)
The San Pablo Library announced today that it will begin offering additional mobile Wi-Fi hotspots for checkout starting Friday, Aug. 13.

The Library was set to receive 50 additional hotspots as part of a 50/50 cost share agreement between the Contra Costa County and the City of San Pablo. The Board of Supervisors approved the agreement on June 22 at a cost of $19,000, which includes monthly data and protective cases for each device for a period of one year.

Library patrons can check out the hotspots for free for three-week periods.

The Contra Costa County Library Services Wi-Fi Hot Spot Device Lending Program launched in February 2021 and provides internet access to families and library patrons who don’t have a connection at home. A small number of hotspots are dedicated to branches, and San Pablo wanted to expand the program to purchase additional hotspots.