Proud Richmond math teacher starts fundraiser for his 60 AP students

Richmond teacher praises 60 AP Calculus students for 'rocking it' amid pandemic
Photo courtesy of GoFundMe fundraiser.

A math teacher at Leadership Public Schools-Richmond is so proud of his 60 AP Calculus students for putting in the work at a difficult time, he wants to give them all a well-deserved gift.

Third-year teacher Jerry Nelluvelil has launched a GoFundMe fundraiser aiming to raise $1,000 to create care packages for his students, including class t-shirts, snacks and some baked goodies he will make. 

Nelluvelil says his students have stepped up in the classroom despite significant struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Time and time again, my students tell me that they cannot attend class because they are ill with COVID or are caring for parents who have contracted the virus,” Nelluvelil said in the fundraiser. “Many of my students have had to take on one or two jobs as essential workers (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) to support their parents, siblings, and other family members. It has been a trying time.”

Nevertheless, the AP students “are rocking it,” the teacher said.

“They continue to attend class, complete assignments, and are actually learning math,” he said. “During a time when it’s hard to emphasize the value of the derivative, my students are finding slopes of tangent lines with fervor and ease. They’re logging in and showing up. I am so, so proud of their resilience.”

To view and contribute to the GoFundMe please visit here.