Man accused of stealing iPhone XS Max from Richmond MetroPCS

Man snatches iPhone XS Max from Richmond MetroPCS
Surveillance footage (left) of the suspect who stole a phone at the MetroPCS in Richmond.

A reward is being offered to identify the man seen in the image above who is accused of stealing an iPhone XS Max from the Richmond MetroPCS on Tuesday.

According to the store’s owner, who has reported the incident to Richmond police, the suspect walked into the location at 12800 San Pablo Ave. at 3:30 p.m. to order the phone, which retails at $1,100 before taxes. While an employee was ringing the phone up, the man snatched it and fled, the owner said.

Anyone with information on this incident can contact the store or [email protected] and be connected with owner Ehab Taha. Taha said the employee was not injured during the incident.

Taha is a community-minded businessman who holds regular giveaway events at his store, including free gifts and photos with Santa Claus during the winter holiday.