Betty Reid Soskin documentary to air on NBC Bay Area

Betty Reid Soskin event tonight in Richmond
Betty Reid Soskin

By Kathy Chouteau

A legendary local independent spirit will be having her say on Independence Day.

“No Time to Waste—The Urgent Message of Betty Reid Soskin”—a documentary on the iconic Richmond resident and Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park ranger—will air on NBC Bay Area (KNTV) on Saturday, July 4 at 7 p.m. PST. 

Immediately following the documentary, NBC Bay Area’s Cheryl Hurd will conduct a live interview with Soskin.

The 50-minute film by Carl Bidleman in association with the Rosie the Riveter Trust takes a look at the 98-year-old park ranger’s mission “to restore critical missing chapters of America’s story,” according to the Trust in a statement.

“Betty is elegant and incisive in conveying hard truths to wide audiences in telling a story about the value of American democracy, the realities of the African American struggle and the importance of continuing progress.”

The film follows Soskin’s journey as an African American woman presenting her personal story from a kitchen stool in a national park theater to media interviews and global audiences who hang on her every word, per the Trust.

For more information about the film, as well as how to support it so it reaches a wider audience, click here.