‘RaiderMan from Richmond’ podcast readies to hit the airwaves

‘RaiderMan from Richmond’ podcast readies to hit the airwaves
Photo of Akim Henderson, RaiderMan19, by Phil Handy.

By Kathy Chouteau

A soon-to-launch podcast created by Richmond native and resident, Akim Henderson, will offer a uniquely Richmond perspective on our city, and also his inside-the-Black-Hole take on Raiders football.

The “RaiderMan from Richmond” podcast, which will debut within the next couple of weeks and occur two times per month, will be “a positive spin on Richmond from a real Richmond native,” said Henderson. He said as someone who has had so many experiences—not only in Richmond, but also as it pertains to the now Las Vegas Raiders and the Raiders Nation family—he wants to “bring it all home so we can shine a positive light on our community.”

Henderson should know. Aside from his deep history in Rich City, he is vice president of the Oakland original Black Hole—an infamous Raiders’ cheering section. He’s been a fan of the team since childhood and remembers the Raiders winning the Super Bowl in 1976. At that time, fellow football fans/friends called him “Little Raider,” but upon his 18th birthday, he graduated to being called “RaiderMan.”

Then, in 1995—when the Raiders returned to making their home base in Oakland from Los Angeles—he joined the Black Hole as its 13th member, said Henderson. Around the time of the team’s return, Henderson received a flyer inviting him to his very first Black Hole tailgate party hosted by Black Hole Dave Manzo and Black Hole Robert Rivera.

When asked how he feels about the team’s departure from Oakland to Las Vegas, Henderson replied like a true member of the original Black Hole: “I absolutely freakin’ hate it.” Although the team has left him twice in his lifetime—in 1982 (Los Angeles) and in 2020 (Las Vegas)—he said nothing is going to be taken from him. “I am the Raiders.”

The East Richmond Heights resident, who works as an estimator and service adjuster for Crash Champions, said that he’s looking forward to spotlighting some of the most prominent Raiders fans’ stories on his podcast, such as how they came to follow the team. Henderson is also anticipating sharing local community interest stories, including the San Pablo Cowboys and other local youth teams and people.

Keep an eye and ear out for the RaiderMan from Richmond podcast on Henderson’s website over the next couple of weeks (you’ll be able to subscribe once it launches) and soon-to-be-available on iTunes Stitcher , Google Podcast and Spotify. Connect with @raiderman19 on Instagram and contact him at [email protected].