Richmond breweries make ‘Top Breweries in the Bay Area’ list

Richmond breweries make ‘Top Breweries in the Bay Area’ list
All photos by Kathy Chouteau.

By Kathy Chouteau

Armistice Brewing Company and East Brother Beer Co. have been counted among “the region’s 23 best taprooms for fresh, delicious beer” in an article by the San Francisco Chronicle that was published Tuesday.

Heralding the Bay Area as boasting one of the “best beer scenes in the world,” the paper said, “The 23 taprooms on this list represent the best of what the Bay Area has to offer, from innovative upstarts to legacy institutions.”

Noting Armistice’s “dramatic origin story”—namely, that it was started by siblings Alex and Gregory Zobel, who were estranged by their parents’ divorce, but reunited surrounding their mother’s death to begin home-brewing together—the paper said the Marina Bay brewery is “all about fun.”

The paper highlighted the brewery’s two patios and “rotating menu of about 17 beers,” with “IPAs [dominating] the taps.” Also earning a shout-out was Armistice’s hard seltzer and “smoothie” ales, as well as its “impressive and unique” English-style ales.

Over at East Brother, the paper gave props to the brewery for “bucking all the trends”—while others are making “ever-hoppier beers with zany flavor additives,” it’s focusing on “understated styles like pilsner and red lager.” The media outlet said about East Brother’s creations, “They’re all beautiful, well-made beers, ideal for drinkers who prize subtlety,” and said a must-try is the “delicate, lemon-forward Bo Pils” (which this reporter can attest to loving).

East Brother was also highlighted in the article for its “ample outdoor space with picnic tables that have a view of the area’s forested hills.” It also gained a shout-out for its icing on the cake, the presence of La Santa Torta, a food truck which is frequently parked onsite and that was at the forefront of the quesabirria craze. (Yep, this reporter can attest to loving La Santa Torta’s quesbirrias too).

Armistice is located at 845 Marina Bay Parkway, Suite 1 in Richmond; call 510-230-4966. East Brother Beer Co. is located at 1001 Canal Blvd. in Richmond; call 510-230-4081 or email [email protected].

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