Contra Costa residents 65 and older now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

First COVID-19 vaccine shipment to Contra Costa County could happen next week
Photo credit: CDC

Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) announced that residents ages 65 and older are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccination. Residents over age 75 have priority. These residents can request a vaccine appointment with the County here, although appointments will be limited as vaccine supplies are limited.

Residents ages 75 and older are deemed next in line in the phased-approach to immunizing County residents. They are part of the Phase 1B/Tier 1 group. Frontline essential workers within this group “will come online soon,” according to CCHS.

The County’s goal is to provide as many as 7,000 vaccines daily in order to reach about 725,000 County residents, or 80 percent of residents over age 16, over the next six months. CCHS believes 80 percent immunization is needed to achieve herd immunity and stop the virus from spreading quickly in the community.

In three weeks since the the first COVID-19 vaccines became available in the County, more than 30,000 doses have been given to residents in the highest-priority groups, including frontline healthcare workers and residents of longterm care facilities. CCHS projects 9,500 vaccine shots will be given this week; 26,200 shots next week and nearly 36,000 the following.

“CCHS is coordinating closely with hospitals, independent providers, pharmacies and clinics to ensure the vaccine is available for everyone,” according to the County.

UPDATE: The story has been updated to reflect the state’s decision to open vaccine appointments to residents 65 and older.