San Pablo police to fine vehicles parked in yards

San Pablo police praised for using technology that reduces risks from pursuits

San Pablo police are asking that all vehicles parked on lawns and yards of homes in the city, including boats and motor homes, be removed or face $100 fines.

Effective July 1, the police department said it will begin issuing fines to each vehicle found in violation of the city code.

Under the code, Unlawful Public Nuisances, it is prohibited to park or store any vehicle, boat, trailer, camper motor home, or other mobile equipment on any front lawn, yard, side yard or rear yard that is visible from any public right-of-way.

Police said they are currently providing warnings on vehicles ahead of the July 1 start of enforcement. The aim of the city code is to maintain the city’s aesthetics, police said.


  1. I wish they follow through with it. This has been an ongoing issue since the 1990s.
    Lawn parking looks horrible, plus it blocks access to emergency vehicles.
    If cities would actually follow through with this, they’d make some revenue as well. Keeping your city clean and organized should be something that comes from within. Parking your car on your lawn while the driveway is empty is just silly. Nice and neat goes a long way.

  2. Awhile back Richmond made noise it was going to start enforcing this code as well but I still see cars parked all over folk’s property. Especially frustrating when they park halfway in the driveway and block the sidewalk. Richmond should hire someone whose sole responsibility is to go around and ticket these scofflaws. The fines would easily cover their salary and still make mucho dinero for the city. Good luck San Pablo.

  3. extra cars parked all over is a nuisance but a boat come on that is too far even if it is parked in your own backyard they need to quit i think it is just a new way to extort money from the poor who else has lots of cars parked around the house all nice neighborhoods have cars that are parked in the driveway all bad neighborhoods got cars parked in the lawn for someone that is getting back out of jail sometime so this law is targeting only minorities and people with barely earn any money trying to get by. way to go San Pablo glad i dont live there

  4. This is typical over reaching BS. Hey San Pablo, why don’t you work on the prostitutes on 23rd or all of the drug dealers and leave the recreation vehicles alone. Maybe if you did your job and stopped car burglary and theft people wouldn’t need to park on their lawn.


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