Regional Parks Foundation appoints new executive director

Lauren Bernstein pic courtesy of the Regional Parks Foundation.

By Kathy Chouteau

The Regional Parks Foundation—a nonprofit which provides fundraising and other support to the East Bay Regional Park District—has appointed Lauren Bernstein as its executive director. The new leader prevailed amid a nationwide search to start her role today supporting the largest regional park district in the U.S.

Bernstein is an East Bay resident and, as executive director of the foundation, will oversee and administer its operations, while also spearheading and implementing program initiatives and supervising philanthropic opportunities, per the organization in a statement.

Board President of the Regional Parks Foundation Les Hausrath welcomed Bernstein to her pivotal role leading the foundation and “further [strengthening] its mission and impact, and [growing] its fundraising potential to benefit our parks and the generations of community members and park visitors to come.”

The new executive director brings a strong philanthropic background to her leadership role at the foundation, as well as experience in nonprofit management, strategy and fundraising, according to the foundation. It added that Bernstein “has raised millions of dollars across an array of public sector areas” over the last decade.

Bernstein said that she is honored to serve as the executive director of the Regional Parks Foundation and “[looks] forward to raising much needed philanthropic funding that will support critical Park District initiatives, as well as support our mission and work toward universal access, diversity and inclusion and stewardship of our environment.”

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