Rivertown Skifflers hosting backyard ‘Jamboree’ in the Point

Rivertown Skifflers shake it up with backyard ‘Jamboree’ in the Point
Photo courtesy of the Rivertown Skifflers.

By Kathy Chouteau

The Rivertown Skifflers, an informal jug band, will be having a “Summertime Jamboree” Saturday, July 6, from 3-8 p.m. at a backyard in the Point.

The jug band, which can often be found performing at the Marin Farmers Market, welcomes the public to the guitar jam and potluck Saturday afternoon. “Bring your axe. Bring some food. Bring yourself,” said the band in an imagined twang.

The band said the Summertime Jamboree is all about having a nice, calm, post-Independence Day celebration of the excellent people of the Bay Area who love jug band music and want to get together for an afternoon and evening of music, food and fellowship. Members of many Bay Area bands are expected to be in attendance.

For the potluck portion of the Summertime Jamboree, they encourage musicians and other participants to bring something—ranging from a bottle to a casserole to grandma’s family secret pie recipe—to the event.

The musical leanings of the band fall in the tradition of Jim Kweskin, the Even Dozen Jug Band and Stringband, it said. For those not familiar, skiffle is defined on the band’s website as a 1920s and 1930s style of jazz rooted in blues, ragtime and folk music, that uses improvised and conventional instruments.

Attendees/participants are encouraged to bring folding chairs so they have a guaranteed seat in the yard with the music. “Come with anyone who will appreciate a jug band jam,” encouraged the band.

Find the Summertime Jamboree in the backyard of a private residence at 542 Washington Ave. in Point Richmond. Learn more about the event here. Questions? Email the Rivertown Skifflers at [email protected].