Taqueria La Bamba’s handmade pupusas steal the show

Taqueria La Bamba’s handmade pupusas steal the show
Hilda, the expert maker of some of the region's best pupusas. (All photos by Kathy Chouteau)

By Kathy Chouteau

If you’re a Richmond local, chances are you know that Taqueria La Bamba on San Pablo Avenue sizzles up some of the best pupusas around.

The taqueria’s secret ingredient? Hilda, a staff member who’s been making the Salvadoran/Mexican fusion eatery’s pupusas and other tasty menu items with love for 15 years. Jeannette Argumedo, owner of the eatery alongside her husband, Carlos Deras, said Hilda learned her special technique for forming pupusas from her mother and hand-makes them at the taqueria.

Following Hilda’s loving handiwork, she places the pupusas on the griddle and sears them for a few minutes, before flipping them to the other side. The end result? Warm, cheesy and oozy deliciousness ready to delight your taste buds.

Taqueria La Bamba’s lineup of pupusas aims to please, with a menu of options that include Queso/Cheese; Frijoles/Beans; Revueltas/Cheese & Pork; Revueltas con Frijoles/Cheese, Pork & Beans; Frijoly Y Queso/Cheese & Beans; Queso con Loroco/Cheese & Loroco; Loroco, Queso Y Frijol/Loroco, Cheese & Beans; Queso con Jalapeno/Cheese & Jalapeno; Ayote/Zucchini; Fresa/Strawberry; and Chicharron/Pork.

This reporter opts for delicious simplicity in a pupusa order, typically getting the Queso/Cheese option for $3.25. Another oft-ordered favorite is the taqueria’s carnitas super burrito—plus they offer other burritos, tacos, quesadillas and many additional menu options.

Taqueria La Bamba is located at 12345 San Pablo Ave. in Richmond. Order ahead by calling (510) 235-2288.

When was the last time you ordered a pupusa at Taqueria La Bamba? Let us know in the comments.