NIAD rises above the rest with ‘Championship Belt’

NIAD rises above the rest with ‘Championship Belt’
Undertaker (S0877), Luis Estrada. (Photo courtesy of NIAD)

By Kathy Chouteau

NIAD Art Center artists, and friends from Chicago’s Arts of Life studio, are drawing inspiration from the world of sports for the “Championship Belt” exhibition. A Gallery Reception to launch the exhibition—along with another summer exhibition, “Exploring Arts through Sound”—is being held Sat., June 10 from 1-4 p.m. at NIAD.

Championship Belt will feature an “all-star lineup of local favorites alongside friends” to create an exhibition that “highlights studio art-making as a form of entering the ring,” per NIAD. In creating work for the exhibition, artists “actively [engaged] with their practice,” with paint brushes “[flowing] over canvas” and clay being “pushed to build new forms.”

Ultimately, the center said the artists’ work comes together as a “celebration of team spirit and performance.” The exhibition will be shown in the center’s Main Gallery.

Artists participating in Championship Belt include: Deatra Colbert; Guy Conners (Arts of Life); Julio Del Rio; Luis Estrada; Samantha Kershnar; Michael Nuñez; Ann Meade; Rosita Pardo; Jason Powell-Smith; and Andrew Sloan (Arts of Life).

A second exhibition, “Exploring Arts through Sound,” is also opening in the Annex Gallery that day and is being celebrated at the June 10 Gallery Opening. Organized by artists Kiesha White, Rebecca Jantzen and Luis Estrada, the exhibition is featuring the work of Sara Malpass; Jonathan Velazquez; Halisi Noel-Johnson; Eddie Braught; Heather Copus; and the aforementioned organizers.

Artist talks and performances will take place at the Gallery Reception and light refreshments will be served. NIAD Art Center is located at 551 23rd Street in Richmond. Learn more about the exhibitions here.