CapeQueen unveils new self-care salon in El Cerrito

All photos contributed.

By Kathy Chouteau and Mike Kinney

You can say Julie Persons is a woman who wears many hats—or as she likes to phrase it, capes.

Persons, who balances numerous roles in her life, opened CapeQueen Cosmetics and Salon at El Cerrito Plaza Feb. 11 and the Standard recently caught up with her to get the lowdown on her services.

“Some people say they wear many hats, I think of it more as wearing many capes,” said Persons about naming her new business CapeQueen Cosmetics and Salon. The new business owner, who also works part-time as a medical professional, said “As a wife, mother, step mother, business owner, community advocate and medical professional, I know all too well what it is like to neglect self-care.”

To thrive in these roles, she’s learned “the necessity of embracing my capes while also prioritizing self-care and restoration.”

Persons said that CapeQueen is a full-service salon that serves clients from 6 to 100 years old and offers a range of self-care services like “haircuts, color, extensions, braids, curl defining, smoothing treatments, deep conditioning treatments, hair restoration, skincare and more.” She specializes in natural hair restoration, curl defining and hair smoothing techniques.

On the cosmetics end of the spectrum, Persons said the salon sells an all-natural face and body cream “infused with turmeric and shea butter to help moisturize mild to severely dry skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and rejuvenate dull skin.” She said they also offer a vegan Vitamin C & E serum, and an all-natural Turmeric and Aloe Vera & Shea Butter soap that customers can check out.

Persons, who resides in American Canyon, said she started CapeQueen after working in healthcare during very challenging times. The salon came about because—as a licensed cosmetologist for more than 11 years—she “sought an opportunity to connect more with the community and empower local residents.” She said she felt the need to open her salon in a community close to where she grew up, and with the support of her husband, she “had confirmation to take a leap in faith and start this journey.”

The new salon owner said she moved to Hercules from Alaska as a child and attended Hercules Elementary, Pinole Middle School and graduated from Pinole Valley High in 2004. Persons said she also has “fond memories running track and field and playing basketball at Richmond and El Cerrito High Schools,” and attending numerous “family barbecues, gatherings and family reunions in Richmond and El Cerrito” that will always hold a special place her heart. “I look forward to serving this community.”

Persons shared her vision for CapeQueen, saying that she wants it “to be a safe place where people can feel connected, confident and rejuvenated.” She said her ultimate goal for the salon is to “allow people a time to take off their cape and take care of themselves.”

CapeQueen Cosmetics and Salon is located at 460 El Cerrito Plaza, Suite 38, in El Cerrito. Click here for more info. Contact the salon at (707) 243-3400 or [email protected].