7 Stars implements composting for cannabis waste

7 Stars implements composting for cannabis waste
Photo courtesy of 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center.

7 Stars Holistic Healing Center has implemented composting for all of its green waste — including cannabis products.

The cannabis dispensary at 3219 Pierce St. coordinated with Republic Services, which provides compost and recycling bins free of charge to businesses in Richmond. 

“I was amazed how easy the transition to compost was,” says Ian Elwood, Director of Marketing at 7 Stars. “I just called up the waste disposal company and they dropped the curbside green bins off to us, free of charge. They even included recycling and composting containers that we can use inside, and they threw in educational materials for staff, all at no cost to our business.”

7 Stars Holistic Healing Center says the composting initiative is part of its  “ongoing commitment to greening its supply chain and fighting climate change.” The dispensary points out that diverting waste from landfills via composting reduces emissions and also creates a soil amendment that is made available free to Richmond residents.

For more information, visit 7starshhc.com