Man wins $1M after buying Lottery ticket at San Pablo Supermarket

Man wins $1M Lottery prize while fetching ingredients at San Pablo Supermarket
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Reynaldo Phillips initially went to San Pablo Supermarket to fetch ingredients for spring rolls he planned to make for a friend. On his way out, Phillips said he saw a California Lottery machine he’d never played before, so he bought a $10 ticket.

“I get home and scratch it and see the bell symbol above and the number below it, and it says $1,000,000!,” Phillips said.

According to California Lottery, Phillips didn’t realize he had won until he looked closer at the directions on the ticket. The California Lottery app confirmed he had indeed won the top prize. He put the ticket under his mattress, believing it could be a dream.

“I said to myself, if this ticket is still there tomorrow morning, this is real,” Phillips said.

Indeed it was real.

Phillips plans to put some of the money into a classic car he’s been working on and plans to help his family as well, according to California Lottery officials.

Phillips advised fellow Lottery enthusiasts to play responsibly.

“Don’t chase it. Let it come to you,” Phillips said. “You can go broke doing that. How that day happened, it was meant to be. I feel like it was my time.”