Richmond sideshow driver cited due to citizen’s video

Richmond sideshow driver cited thanks to citizen's video
One of the vehicles impounded in connection with sideshow activity in Richmond this weekend. (Photo courtesy of the RPD)

A driver suspected of participating in a sideshow in Richmond on Saturday was cited and his car was impounded for 30 days after he was seen in a video that a citizen provided to police.

After the citizen sent the Richmond Police Department video footage of the sideshow activity, an RPD traffic officer investigated and was able to identify the vehicle and locate the driver, according to the RPD.

In addition, officers responded to reports of two separate sideshow incidents this weekend and were able to locate vehicles and conduct traffic enforcements stops, leading to more citations and impounded vehicles.

“The drivers cited in these incidents face fines of up to $1000.00 and/or 90 days in jail,” police said. “That is in addition to the fees it will cost to get their vehicles back after 30 days, which can often total several thousand dollars.”

Rampant sideshows at various city locations have concerned residents and city officials.

The RPD asks anyone who witnesses reckless driving or sideshow activity to contact the RPD Communications Center at 510-233-1214, or in an emergency by calling 911. Video or photos of the incidents can be emailed to [email protected].