REI Co-op opens Adventure Center in Richmond

REI Co-Op opens Adventure Center in Richmond
Photo credit: REI Co-Op Adventure Center website.

REI Co-Op has opened an Adventure Center at 1387 Marina Way South in Richmond, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt reported in his e-forum newsletter on Saturday.

An REI Co-Op Adventure Center “focuses exclusively on gear rental and outdoor classes and experiences,” according to the company. This location does not sell gear — for that, you’ll have to visit the stores in Berkeley and Corte-Madera.

Gear can be rented for adventures in cycling, kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, camping and backpacking. REI locates Adventure Centers near popular recreation areas. Rented kayaks can be launched at the nearby historic Richmond Marina in order to cruise around the bay, the company suggests. Or, one can rent a bike and pedal along the San Francisco Bay Trail, meanwhile visiting Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park, or bring it aboard the nearby SF Bay Ferry in order to ride around San Francisco.

The Adventure Center also provides a variety of classes and helps prepare you for adventures in activities such as kayaking, camping and wilderness survival around the Bay Area and beyond.

For more information, visit its website here.