Groundwork Richmond to hold ‘Tacos, Trees, & Tequila’ fundraiser

Groundwork Richmond to hold 'Tacos, Trees, & Tequila' fundraiser
Los Moles Restaurant at 6120 Potrero Ave. in El Cerrito.

By Kathy Chouteau

Groundwork Richmond (GWR) is adding some special sauce to its Taco Tuesday party this year, as it hosts its “Tacos, Trees, & Tequila” fundraiser Tues., Nov. 1 from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Los Moles Restaurant in El Cerrito with multiple reasons to celebrate.

The free-admission event will launch the organization’s Giving Tuesday (Nov. 29) fundraising campaign, share some recent exciting news surrounding its work and honor GWR’s cofounder Nancy Baer as she steps away from her role on the Board of Directors.

GWR said in a statement that its Taco Tuesday fundraiser will be “a fun night with friends, tacos and drinks so you can learn more about the innovative Green Team program and support local youth and the environment we all depend on.” Aside from the food and beverages, the event will feature speakers and presenters and a silent auction benefiting Groundwork Richmond.

The organization welcomed community members to “come help us celebrate” its recent good news of receiving $35 million for a collaborative project, Richmond Rising, along with its partners from the City of Richmond, Urban Tilth, Rich City Rides, GRID Alternatives and the Trust for Public Land. The grant from the state’s Strategic Growth Council includes a wide variety of projects aiming to improve lives in the Coronado, Santa Fe and Iron Triangle neighborhoods.

In terms of its work, GWR stated that it restores the environment while offering local youth education and career training opportunities via its innovative Green Team program, which “imparts relevant skills to its members through meaningful place based projects.” One part of its multifaceted work is planting trees to absorb greenhouse gases, reduce local air pollution, absorb storm water runoff and to beautify neighborhoods. “To date we’ve planted more than 2,000 trees,” stated GWR.

The organization added, “While many grants and contracts provide the basic resources to get the trees in the ground, the meaningful enrichment opportunities provided to youth are often underfunded.”

Click here to reserve a spot at GWR’s free-admission Tacos, Trees & Tequila fundraiser. Los Moles Restaurant is located at 6120 Potrero Ave. in El Cerrito. Learn more about the organization here.