Richmond cops honored for rescuing victim from armed suspects

Richmond cops honored for rescuing victim from armed suspects
Photo courtesy of the Richmond Police Department.

Seven Richmond police officers received Life-Saving Medal awards today for their efforts in confronting armed suspects while rescuing a victim last summer.

The incident occurred the morning of May 22, 2022, when officers responded to the 2100 block of Nevin Avenue on an anonymous report of a man with a gun, according to police. The caller described in detail two armed suspects attempting to forcibly enter a residence.

Upon arrival, officers immediately found, pursued and successfully took into custody two suspects and recovered their firearms. When officers returned to the apartment to check on its occupants, they heard the sounds of items being placed against the front door, leading police to suspect a barricade situation was underway.

Officers then heard someone inside the apartment yelling, “Help, he’s trying to kill me,” police said.

“Without hesitation or regard for their own safety, officers breached the front door, pushing past the barricade, and entered the residence” and engaged a third armed suspect, taking him into custody. They then rescued a victim who had been bound, gagged and injured, including with stab wounds.

“The officers’ actions, without a doubt, put an end to this violent encounter and most likely saved the life of the victim,” police said.

Today, Richmond police Chief Bisa French recognized the heroic actions of Sergeant Bailey, Sergeant Joseph, Officer Alvarado, Officer Lal, Officer Nurko, Officer Garbarini and Reserve Officer Franco.