‘Black Vines’ event coming to CoBiz Richmond

'Black Vines' event coming to CoBiz Richmond
Black Vines, a unique networking organization that showcases and celebrates African American winemakers and culture, is inviting the community to its unique networking event at CoBiz Richmond this Saturday, Sept. 24.
The Black Vines’ free event will feature five of its wine partners from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at CoBiz, a state-of-the-art coworking space and business incubator at 1503 Macdonald Ave. 
In addition, Black Vines will feature five vendors from Richmond’s Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, which helps individuals achieve personal, financial and social transformation through the power of small business.
Organizers with Black Vines lauded its partnership with CoBiz Richmond, noting the Richmond nonprofit’s mission to strengthen community viability through wealth-building strategies. CoBiz is a nonprofit and one of the projects of eQuip Richmond, an economic revitalization initiative funded by Chevron Richmond.
Fern A. Stroud, founder of Black Vine, states on her organization’s website that she created the Black Vine “as a showcase for winemakers and an opportunity for guests — those new to wines or seasoned tasters — to celebrate African American culture.”
“It is also a gathering place where trade connections are made and community fellowship is real,” she said.
Get your tickets to the free event here.