RCF Connects’ ‘Unpack(s) the Real Stuff’ with new podcast

RCF Connects’ ‘Unpack(s) the Real Stuff’ with new podcast
Image via Anchor by Spotify.

By Kathy Chouteau

RCF Connects, a community organization formerly known as the Richmond Community Foundation, has launched a new podcast called “Unpack the Real Stuff: Voices of Contra Costa,” with the first episode released August 24.

According to the organization, it’s “a podcast where we unpack real issues, real challenges and real solutions that impact our neighbors, friends and families living, working, hustling and thriving in Contra Costa.”

The podcast’s first episode, “Why Should Folks Consider Coaching? How Coaching Can Change a Life and a Community,” is hosted by Suzette Chaumette with guests AnDrea Neal and Anjali Sawhney from the Embodied Leadership Coaching Program. During a near one hour episode, they discuss what exactly coaching is, its advantages, why it’s needed and how it can improve the community, according to RCF Connects.  “We unpack real conversations on getting the support we need to succeed through all the challenges, issues and problems we are facing today,” per the podcast description, which also provides a link to RCF Connects’ Embodied Leadership Coaching Program.

Hosted on Anchor by Spotify, the podcast’s first season will see the organization address issues spanning the gamut from mental health to social justice to housing solutions and more. “We’re going to strip away all the usual talking points and rhetoric and get down to ‘real stuff,’” per RCF Connects, evoking the podcast’s name.

Click here to check out the podcast episodes on RCF Connects’ website or here to listen and follow it on Spotify.