Ospreys return to Richmond shoreline, lay first egg of the season

Ospreys return to Richmond shoreline, lay first egg of the season
Rosie with her first egg. (Images courtesy of Audubon Society)

By Kathy Chouteau

Beloved Osprey pair Richmond and Rosie—the feathered king and queen of the Richmond shoreline—have produced their first egg of the season, according to the Golden Gate Audubon Society, which captured the egg-laying on its live nest cam the evening of Tues., April 5.

This latest egg marked the Ospreys’ sixth consecutive year of parenting; they have produced “three eggs each year since the launch of the live nest cam in 2017,” per the Audubon Society in a statement. It’s estimated that Rosie will likely lay her remaining eggs sometime over the next four to six days and then the pair will alternate incubating the eggs for 36-42 days, with hatching likely in mid-May, representatives added.

The Osprey pair makes their nest atop the cabin of the Whirley crane, a shipyard crane not in use that’s within Rosie the Riveter World War II Home Front National Historic Park, per the Golden Gate Audubon Society.

Glenn Phillips, executive director of the organization, said that Rosie and Richmond “inspire us each year when they return,” alluding to the birds’ ‘We Can Do It’ spirit evocative of the national park where they make their home. He noted that they “demonstrate true perseverance” in that their nest was destroyed by “a pair of Common Ravens nesting nearby, yet they rebuilt, and are back in action again this year.”


Audubon Society representatives said that Rosie migrates for the winter likely to Mexico or Central America, while Richmond overwinters in the Bay Area (one of only a few male Ospreys who do so). The Osprey pair “reunited in early March.”

Thanks, in part, to the live nest cam over the past five years, Rosie and Richmond have built a worldwide fan base, many of whom the Audubon Society says have “especially enjoyed Richmond’s eclectic choices for nesting material over the years, including several stuffed animals and a cushy toddler jacket.” Representatives added that “anticipation is high on what will take his fancy this year.”

Community members can check out live nest cam streams and Osprey lesson plans for educators at sfbayospreys.org. Cam highlights are posted on the SF Bay Ospreys Facebook page and YouTube channel.