Contra Costa College supports culinary education on Arbor Day

Contra Costa College 'Arbor Day' celebration supports culinary education
Photos courtesy of CCC.

Contra Costa County’s annual Arbor Day celebration on Monday will support the efforts of its culinary program.

The CCC Sustainable Committee and Culinary Academy hosted their annual, on-campus Arbor Day celebrations by planting new drought-resistant trees and shrubs in the college’s Culinary Garden.

“Produce from the garden is harvested and used at our award-winning Aqua Terra Grill and in our Culinary Program, and kitchen food waste is returned as rich compost to fertilize the plants,” college officials stated on social media Wednesday. “The Culinary Garden is also a model for water conservation, and irrigation delivers water straight to the plants.”

Arbor Day is a tree-planting holiday observed nationally in late April. But it is celebrated in California on March 7, which is the birthday of horticulturalist Luther Burbank, whose plant-breeding experiments introduced hundreds of new varieties of plants, both edible and ornamental. Among Burbank’s goals was to increase the world’s food supply by manipulating plant characteristics.