Hallmark Cleaners going strong thanks to longtime, loyal customers

Hallmark Cleaners going strong in 2022 thanks to longtime, loyal customers
Photos by Mike Kinney

By Mike Kinney

This family-owned Richmond business has been a hallmark in the community for nearly 40 years.

Hallmark Cleaners has been providing dry cleaning and other related services at 12989 San Pablo Ave. since 1985. While challenges posed by the COVID-19 threatened to end that streak, owner Kacey Kim and her family say devout customers kept the business going amid the height of the pandemic, when people stayed home and when a shortage of clothes hangers skyrocketed their costs.

“Our business was really very slow back in March through June of last year,” Kim said. “It was just terrible. But our longtime and loyal customers still kept coming and that was a big help.”

Thankfully, business has picked back up in 2022. Technology plays a role in Hallmark’s continued success. During our recent visit to the business, Kim introduced us to the BT-100, a machine using robotic arms to press shirts and blouses, enabling more work to be done in a shorter time.

“We have had this technology for a few years now,” Kim said.

Hallmark offers bulk dry cleaning services, complete laundry service, expert alterations, drapery cleaning along with leather and suede maintenance. The business opens daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

When Kim isn’t hard at work ensuring customers’ needs are met, she enjoys shopping at the nearby Food-Maxx. “When I go there, I see so many people I know from the community,” she said, adding she likes shopping at the nearby Big Lots, too.

Community is a big reason why Kim and her family operate Hallmark Cleaners in Richmond.

“It’s quite simple,” Kim said. “The wonderful people who live in Richmond and the great weather are two things you can always count on! I just love our town so much.”

As was apparent during the height of the pandemic, the town loves Hallmark, too.