Richmond apartment complexes get early visit from Santa’s helpers

Richmond apartment complexes get early visit from Santa’s helpers
All photos by Mike Kinney

By Mike Kinney

SANTA CLAUS’ helpers made an early visit at the St. John’s Apartments on Macdonald Avenue and the Crescent Park Apartments on Hartnett Avenue on Sunday.

Residents of the Richmond apartment complexes received deliveries of brand new toys, bicycles, Target gift cards and bags of food with turkeys and hams. They were loaded onto a large commercial rental truck in front of Independent Community Church on South 16th Street before heading off to Crescent Park Apartments followed by St. John’s Apartments.

The effort to ensure a happy holidays for local community members in need was made possible by Antwon Cloird’s The RichMinds Network, Independent Community Church, Southside Economic Empowerment Development LLC (SEED), the Richmond Fire Department and the Health and Wellness Coalition of Contra Costa County. Green Remedy Collective donated the hams to the effort.

“SEED provides services to our Richmond community all year long, but during the holidays we make a big effort to make sure our families and their kids do not go without,” Cloird said. “As the Bible says, we are ‘blessed to be a blessing’ and we want to make sure our families have their holiday blessing.”