Richmond celebrates Arbor Day with tree planting project

Richmond celebrates Arbor Day with tree-planting project
Photo courtesy of Richmond Mayor Tom Butt.

In honor of Arbor Day on Saturday, the Richmond Parks and Landscaping Division and the Urban Forestry Advisory Committee conducted a tree planting project at Bay Vista Park, 3455 Park Ridge Drive near Richmond Parkway, Mayor Tom Butt reported in his e-forum newsletter.

Volunteers aimed to plant 20 new trees at the park near the Richmond Country Club.

“The benefits of a healthy urban forest include improved air quality, storm water filtration, and a reduction in carbon dioxide, crime, energy consumption, heat island effect, and ozone formation,” the mayor said. “The City of Richmond is committed to urban reforestation, takes great pride in its beautification projects; and is requesting recertification as a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. The City of Richmond is developing the Urban Greening Plan, a master document to guide and coordinate future greening projects that includes a living list of approved street trees, tree inventory, and urban forest best practices appendix.”

The City of Richmond proclaimed Oct. 16 as Arbor Day in the city. The first documented Arbor Day was celebrated in a Spanish village in 1594. An event also occurred in another Spanish village in 1805. It was organized by a local priest who was convinced of the need for trees for health, hygiene, decoration, nature, environment and customs, according to the city’s proclamation.

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